Traffic Standstill Banners
Traffic Standstill Banners - media advertising format, an effective way to communicate your products or services to motorists as they move around the city. A banner with a small message is shown at the bottom of the screen when the vehicle's speed is zero.
Full media banner
Guaranteed Impressions
No distractions while driving
Features & advantages
How it works
When the speed is zero and the car is not moving for some time, the user will see a banner with a short advertising message on the screen - no action is required for this.

You can interact with the banner by clicking or dragging it up. In this case, the user will see the message in full, read the details of the offer and be able to call, go to the site or find your company on the map.

The banner will disappear automatically when the user continues to move or interacts with the map.
Who does it fit?
The format will be useful if you need to:
  • generate the demand for your goods or services;
  • increase brand awareness among drivers;
  • reach a wide paying audience.
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