Interactive Route Pins
Interactive Route Pins - are advertising tags with a logo on the routes of users. Such advertising increases brand awareness and allows you to talk about a special offer at specific points of sale. With a single click on the tag, the user will open the advertisement and be able to adjust their route to visit your organization.
Brand recognition
Natural perception
Quick Interaction
Features & advantages
How it works
Markers appear when driving along a route in the Navigator. The pin is displayed where the organization is located. By clicking on the tag, the user will open the company card, see a banner with an advertising message and buttons that will allow them to rebuild the route with a stop at your organization, call or go to the site.

The advertisement may contain:

  • Logo and text or graphic banner.
  • The "Call" button - the user will be able to call you and find out all the details of the offer.
  • The "Go to site" button to go to a page with detailed information about your product or service.
Who does it fit?
The format will be useful if you need to:
  • generate the demand for your goods or services;
  • increase brand awareness among drivers;
  • reach a wide paying audience.
Start advertising with AnyWire
This ad allows to increase the knowledge of the audience about the location of the advertiser's objects
The user can rebuild his route with one click
A branded marker is a type of map hint that fits seamlessly into the app ecosystem
Online connection
To connect the ads, you do not need to go anywhere.

Just fill out the form to register:
Company connection
You will receive all the information to your email address.