Digital Billboards
Digital Billboards - is an advertising tag with the organization's logo, which is displayed on the map of the Navigator. Billboards organically fit into the application interface and attract potential customers who drive nearby. The advertiser himself sets the region or district in which the label is displayed.
“To the website”
An open advertisement can contain any two buttons:
How it works
Billboards in the Navigator are suitable for advertisers who want to increase brand awareness - by clicking on the label, the user can call the organization, go to the website or view distribution points
Who does it fit?
The format will be useful if you need to:
  • generate the demand for your goods or services;
  • increase brand awareness among drivers;
  • reach a wide paying audience.
Start advertising with AnyWire
Activates a call to your company.
Call tracking will help track the placement results.
Opens a link to a site with the details of the offer.
Shows all the places on the map where you can use your offer.
Online connection
To connect the ads, you do not need to go anywhere.

Just fill out the form to register:
Company connection
You will receive all the information to your email address.