A new way
to drive
Find the cheapest fuel near you
Available in Spain (for now)
Driver's daily assistant
AnyWire is a service that allows to find the best fuel price, build a route to the filling station you need, book an appointment to a service station and car wash, find the best place to park your vehicle or get roadside assistance.
Everything you need to find a services and stations, get directions and pay in one app.

Forget about plastic cards.

Add loyalty cards to the app and get bonuses.
No hidden fees or overpayments.

Control your spending in one app, anytime, anywhere.
Navigation and payment via CarPlay and Android Auto will simplify the process of refueling.
In-app services
Daily services selection
Lowest fuel price display
Fuel payment
Service booking
Parking payment
Publication on
the AppStore and Google Play
this summer
We are trusted by the market leaders
Solve your driver issues with one app